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thank you!

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Hi…thank you for the note and compliment. I have lived in Northern California all my life and love it! I love swimming, walking on trails with Ella (my little dog) and entertaining (with all those wonderful recipes I post). I grew up in the country with the best home style cooking coming from my moms kitchen. Thus the reason for creating wistfully.

I work in accounting, also studied art and design, another reason for my blog, it is a reflection of me and what I love, it is my creative escape…numbers are terribly boring! I began playing the piano just two years ago and am able to play most of the music on my play list. 

Thanks again for the note…have a glorious week!


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What a delightful compliment! Thank you very much for sending me such a kind note of encouragement. You certainly brightened my day…which I really needed right now. Have a terrific week. 

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